Day Tour

Normally all the “One Day Tour Packages” are starting from the hotels which are been situated near the katunayaka airport or negombo area.By making an extra – ordinary changeover we are also introducing some comprehensive following tour packages which are starting from the sacred city of kandy.

Sacred City of Kandy

After a traditional welcome , you will be started this magnificent trip to kandy at 6 am from the airport or Negombo / Colombo hotels as you preferred . First you will visit to the pinnawala elephant orphanage which you can get a wonderful experience with the Earth’s gentle giants and also you can spend more time with them after reaching to the pinnawala millennium foundation. You will be amazed after visiting to the natural paper factory where paper is been produced by elephant dump.on the way to kandy you will visit to the spice garden , tea factory & shop and also to the Greeny peradeniya botanical garden. After arriving to the city of hill “kandy” you will visit to the sacred temple of the tooth which has a constant flow of visitors. Before leaving to the airport before 10 pm you will be experienced by a traditional kandyan dance show which will make your night memorable.

Magnificient Sigiriya

You will start this amazing trip to sigiriya at about 6 am from the katunayaka airport. After fine breakfast you will visit to the Dambulla cave temple which is a world heritage site in srilanka. It’s an largest Rock cave temple which was build in 2nd century BC. Magnificent sigiriya lion’s rock will be your next destination where it’s also an world heritage site in the island and it’s a breathtaking fortress which was build by king kashyapa.Next you will visit to the ancient village of srilanka where you can experience the simplicity, and beauty of the life style of the people. And you can end this trip after riding on a elephant which will be a unforgettable experience for your adventure tours life style.

Ancient Anuradhapura

This wonderful trip will be start at 5 am from the airport or from a Negombo \ Colombo hotel and travel to the North central of the island. It will be a journey which takes 3-4 hours and a distance of 199.5 km from Colombo . this ancient city was the capital of srilanka in 377 BC and many Buddhist temples, dagabas, and monasteries in this city will be proved you the greatness of the srilankan architecture. You will visit to the huge and marvelous creatures of dagabas including Ruwenvelimahasaya , Abayagiriya , thuparamaya , Jethawanaramaya and mirisawati stupa and also to the Buddhist monasteries like lowamahapaya lankaramaya and isurumuniya. By visiting “srimaha bodhi”the sacred fig tree located in mahamewna Gardens will give you a great experience while the lakes like Nuwara wewa will give you a breathtaking memories to your journey.

Scenic Galle

After leaving from the airport at 6 am you will visit for your unmissable destination in south. Galle is an administrative capital in srilanka which is amazingly exotic, burst cut of with windy salts and scent of spices in srilanka. First you will visit to the kosgoda turtle hatchery where you can renew your experience after seeing turtle and eggs hatching in late will also add some adventurous experience to your life after reaching to the madu river board safari. Moonstone mines and Ambalangoda masks museum will fill you up with newest and unforgettable episodes in your life while galle fort will teab you the Dutch colonial influential to the srilanka.

Adventure Kithulgala

If you are looking at an adventure and leisure and base close to Colombo, Kithulgala is the place. Tour will be started after leaving from Colombo at 6 am and you will have relaxing, adventurous and enjoyable time all over the day by experiencing white water rafting. You will also get a chance to visit the Batadomba cave which you will experience a walking in the jungle and trekking to waterfalls. These forests are secondary lowland rain forest extending up to highest elevations and you will get surprised by it’s breathtaking scenic views around the kithulgala.

Kandy to Nuwara-Eliya

Nuwara-Eliya is also called “Little England” which developed by the British as an exact replica of a British town with Church and Many Buildings. You will leave for Nuwara-Eliya at 7am from kandy and on the way you will visit to the Ramboda falls which 109m in height and place 11th of the Scenic waterfalls in Srilanka. You will visit to upcountry tea factory where you can experience now your morning tea prepared. Before Leaving for kandy you will experience an adventures boat riding in the reservoir in heart of the tea country hill city Nuwara-Eliya and also has a chance of horse riding in the windy Nuwara-Eliya which will make your Day, Memorable.

Horton Plain

The highest plateau in Sri Lanka which extends over more than 3169 hectares, named in remembrance of British Governor Sir Robert Horton. UNESCO has named it as a world heritage site of natural vegetation in the year of 2010. The 2ndand 3rd highest place on this exotic island is being situated in the Horton Plain which those are known as Hirigalpotta 7800ft and Thotupala kande (mountain) 7730ft.Endemic plants, grass, and flowers with many emigrated birds has made this plateau a wonderful and interesting hiking place. Furthermore this plateau is also consisting with an amazing sheer precipice with a 3000ft drop which is called the world’s End. Baker’s falls and Lantern pond with little world’s end also make this place more attractive for local and foreign visitors.

Golden Temple Dambulla

Dambulla cave temple also called the Golden temple of Dambulla is a world heritage site after 1991 which was built in 103 BC. It is a sacred pilgrimage site with sanctuaries. More than 157 Buddha statues are placed in this monastery with a decorated ceiling with the Buddhist mural paintings of Gautama Buddha. These significant paintings are coloured by 100% natural paints which were obtained by using tree leaves and flowers. This temple is situated on a massive rock which elevate of 1118 feet from the sea level. After you climb the stone stairs which runs more than 500feets you can witness the wonderful surrounding with lakes and Sigiriya rock fortress which will add an unforgettable memory for everyone who is visiting this significant Buddhsit monastery.

Kandy to Sigiriya

You will start this great tour from the sqcred city of kandy at about 7 am which you can experience many natural and great architectural places in the cities like matale , Dambulla and sigiriya. As srilanka is an exotic island with a multi-cultural society it is full of Buddhist temples as well as great hindu kovils (temples) which are been built after the south indian Influence. Out of those matale hindu temple is magnificent creation which has a constant flow of worshipers throughout the year. You will also get the chance to visit to the Sigiri or “Sinhagiriya” which is and ancient rock fortress build by king Kashiyapa. It is one of the most valuable historical moments which referred by locals as the eighth wonder of the world and also declared as a world heritage site by the UNESCO in 1982.after leaving for kandy you will visit to the Rangiri Daambulla Golden Cave Temple Which is a sacred pilgrimage site for 22 centuries, This cave monastery with its five centauries is the largest and the best preserved Cave temple in Srilanka.

Kandy to Pinnawala

You will leave for pinnawala at about 7.30 am from the city of hill kandy and straightly visit, to the pinnawala elephant orphanage which is an sanctuary for over so retired, or orphaned elephants. At times, there are alsosome small baby elephants who have been born to the herd. In there you will experience in feeding the babies, wash and hose down elephants near the river and watch them relaxing, and also play or ride on them. Before leaving to kandy you will visit to a natural paper producing factor which is been prepared using elephant dung. While reaching to kandy you be experienced with scent of the srilankan spices in many spice garden and also you will visit to the 1st srilankan botanical garden which is been situated in peradeniya you will end this trip after reaching to the Sacred city of the kandy and by experience a traditional cultural show.

Minneriya National Park

It’s a park which is belong to the dry zone of the island and it’s the only place where you can witness more than 150 herd of wild elephants at a single time. Furthermore you can also observe many animals which are inherited to srilanka including. It’s a wonderful place with various kind of birds who are inherited and immigrated to the island srilanka.

Yala National Park

Yala National Park is the most visited park in Sri Lanka which extends over 500 miles becoming the 2nd largest park in this exotic island. Specially you can witness the Sri Lankan leopard and other animals including Wild elephants, bears, crocodiles, wild bores, monkeys deer’s, iguanas and peacocks. The area around Yala has hosted several ancient civilizations which you can visit and learn many things about ancient Sri Lanka and also two important pilgrim sites, Sithulpahuwa and Magul Vihara, are situated within the park. The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami caused severe damage on the Yala National Park and 250 people died in its vicinity and still you can see the damaged caused even from the surrounding environment of the park.